All the micrographs and movies displayed on this website were taken and constructed by Carol Kiely, Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Lehigh University. The lunar regolith samples were on loan from the Johnson Space Research Center, NASA under the CAPTEM program.

Some of these images together with some high definition 'deep focus' light micrographs have now been published:
C. Kiely, G. Greenberg and C.J.Kiely, "A New Look At Lunar Soil Collected From The Sea of Tranquility During The Apollo 11 Mission", Microscopy and Microanalysis, 17, 34-48 (2011)

This work was partly funded by a Lehigh/NASA Nanotechnology Agreement. We would like to thank Gene Lucadamo for his help in obtaining the lunar regolith samples from NASA. We are also grateful Julie Sheffield-Parker (XRT), Bill Mushock, Dave Ackland, Bill Hefner and Arlan Benscoter for their invaluable technical help and expertise. This website was put together with the help of Stephanie Magnuson, Maura Medaglia, and Johanna Brams at the IMRC, Lehigh University.

And warmest thanks go to these three gentlemen

and to all the people involved with the Apollo program.