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The ARM200CF is an atomic resolution transmission electron microscope operating at a maximum accelerating potential of 200kV that features a cold field emission source. A third-order aberration corrector near the sample allows higher beam currents to be focused into smaller probe sizes than ever before at Lehigh. A new design of X-ray detector allows collection of spectroscopic chemical analysis data with higher sensitivity and efficiency than any other system available. The whole system is tuned for operation at three accelerating potentials, allowing a wider range of materials to be examined with atomic level resolution. In the near future a new generation energy-loss spectrometer and imaging filter will be added to complete the arsenal of analytical techniques on offer.

Early experiences with the new microscope show that it is easier to use and more powerful than its predecessor (JEM-2200FS) and fits very nicely into the Electron Microscopy Facility housed in Whitaker Laboratory.



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