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Graduate Studies

The Department of Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics offers a range of programs to suit individual interests and needs. All programs can be undertaken on either a full-time or part-time basis. Programs are also offered through Lehigh's Office of Distance Education.

Degrees offered include:

The Master of Engineering Degree (Non-Thesis Option) is for students desiring to advance their expertise in engineering science and design through a concentrated course of study with faculty who contribute to the knowledge base on a national/international scale. The course program for the Master of Engineering degree is flexible and, if the student so desires, can be planned to prepare the student for entrance into the program for the Doctor of Philosophy degree.

All incoming masters students, except those brought to the University with full financial aid, pursue the Master of Engineering degree (with the option of pursuing a PhD degree). The Master of Engineering degree does not require submittal of a thesis. In the event that a student desires to pursue the Master of Science degree, which includes a thesis, it is necessary to obtain the agreement of a faculty member willing to supervise the thesis research. The availability of faculty for such research supervision depends on the specialty within the area of mechanical engineering and the ongoing advisory commitments of the faculty member during a given semester.

The Master of Science Degree (Thesis Option) is for students desiring to enhance their capabilities in engineering science and design, gaining research project experience by engaging in a team effort with a faculty member in an area of national/international concern.

The Doctor of Philosophy Degree is conferred on candidates who have demonstrated general proficiency and attained a high level of competency in a specific field of knowledge, with the capacity to carry on independent investigation in that field, as evidenced by the presentation of an acceptable dissertation embodying the results of original research.

Students who would like to pursue a PhD degree must first identify a faculty member who is willing to supervise the student's PhD program. Those students who receive full financial aid from the University during their first year of study should endeavor to identify a PhD advisor by the end of their first semester. Students funded from other sources, who have been accepted into our graduate program, should ensure that they have obtained the consent of a faculty member to serve as a PhD advisor prior to coming to Lehigh. Please be advised that our faculty have many commitments, and the availability of faculty for research supervision depends on the specialty within the area of mechanical engineering and the ongoing advisory commitments of the faculty member.

The Master of Business and Engineering Degree unites two programs in one joint degree by offering a solid foundation in both business and engineering.

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