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Undergraduate Students

Lehigh University is a wonderful place to study engineering.

For most Lehigh engineering programs you do not have to choose your major before admission. In fact during your first year at Lehigh, you would take a course that explains and illustrates the nature of each branch of engineering. You will choose your major near the end of your first year, only after taking this course. Lehigh University will allow you to explore different career paths so that you can find the one that is right for you.

Materials Science and Engineering at Lehigh is one of the leading materials programs in the nation.  The Department of Materials Science and Engineering offers a degree program leading to a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science in Engineering.

The undergraduate program in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, http://www.abet.org/.

The educational objective is to provide its students an excellent education in a scholarly environment, and to have its graduates acquire the knowledge and experience needed to advance to successful careers in materials-related fields and, where appropriate, for graduate study in these fields.

The degree in Materials Science and Engineering can be combined with minors in a wide range of other subjects. Among these are the Minor in Nanotechnology, the Minor in Polymer Science and Engineering, and the Minor in Mechanics of Materials.

A degree in Materials Science and Engineering can also be combined with a degree in an arts subject through the Arts and Engineering program. This five-year program leads to both a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering and a Bachelor of Arts.

Another five year program is the B.S./M.Ed. Program. This leads to a Bachelor of Science in Materials Science and Engineering and a Master in Education degree with teacher certification.

More Opportunities for Undergraduates

Engineering Co-Op

Cooperative Education (Co-Op) is a selective program for sophomore year engineering students that combines academic study with approximately eight months of paid, career-related professional experience. Because of the rigorous academic schedule, only students with a GPA of 3.0 or better in the sophomore class are invited to participate. See a comparison chart of the regular curriculum vs. the recommended sequence of courses for Co-Op students, and learn more at Lehigh Career Services and in the RCEAS Catalog.

Integrated Business and Engineering

Students who take the Integrated Business and Engineering program can complete the engineering part of the program in Materials Science and Engineering. Note though that this program has a different first year. Although you do not have to declare which branch of engineering you wish to follow prior to admission, you do have to be admitted to Integrated Business and Engineering directly.

Materials Minor

If you develop interests in materials but decide to do a major in another field, you can combine them by doing a Minor in Materials.

The governing rules for all of these programs are given in the Course Catalog. The Catalog is the official repository of the requirements for all Lehigh University Programs. It also includes course descriptions for all the courses given in the University (though some new and experimental courses may not be listed).