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Students won awards at the 2009 International Metallographic Contest

The Jacquet-Lucas Award for Best in Show was awarded to Brian Gerard for his First Place winning poster in Class 1 titled "Anisotropy and Voiding at High Strain Rates in a Mg Alloy Extrudate".

The team of Thomas Nizolek, Jared LeBar, and Abigail Lawrence was awarded First Place and The George Kehl Plaque in Class 7 for their poster titled “A Metallographic Investigation of a Bi-metallic Diesel Exhaust Valve”.

Kevin Winders, Andrew Thome, Ed Zalenski, and Matthew Wojciechowski received Second Place in Class 7 for their entry titled “Metallographic Examination of Biomedical Screws”.

Anthony Ventura was awarded First Place in Class 10 for his entry titled “Skull Island”.

All winners are posted at

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