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Faculty and staff honored at Lehigh dinner

May 6, 2010 - Several faculty and staff members of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering were honored at the annual Lehigh Appreciation Dinner held May 5, 2010, at Lehigh University's Rauch Fieldhouse.

Himanshu Jain

Himanshu Jain, the Diamond Chair Professor of materials science and engineering and director of the International Materials Institute for New Functionality in Glass, received the Eleanor and Joseph F. Libsch Research Award for excellence in research, scholarship, and/or artistic achievement. Jain studies the unorganized arrangements and unpredictable movements of atoms in glass and the complex, non-crystalline structure of glass. He also studies photonics and optoelectronics. Jain was also honored at the event for 25 years of service to Lehigh University.

David Ackland

David Ackland, research scientist in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, was among the 20 retiring Lehigh faculty and staff recognized at the event. Ackland, who is retiring after 23 years of service, is manager of the Nanocharacterization Laboratory. Ackland joined the department in 1987 and was promoted to assistant research engineer in 1991and research engineer in 1997. He has helped to mentor and train hundreds of students on Lehigh's microscope facilities. In 1980, in recognition of his contributions to the field, Ackland was awarded the Outstanding Technologist Award from the Microscopy Society of America.

Anne Marie Lobley William Mushock

Also recognized were Ann Marie Lobley and William Mushock, who were among the winners of the 2009 Tradition of Excellence Awards. The award recognizes individuals or teams for exceptional contributions within their departments or throughout the university. Lobley is the graduate coordinator for the Department of Materials Science and Engineering. Mushock is the Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) manager, affiliated with the Department of Materials Science and Engineering and the Center for Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology.