Alwyn Eades retires after 13 years with department

(April 29, 2010) Alwyn Eades, emeritus professor with the Lehigh University Department of Materials Science and Engineering, celebrated his retirement April 29, 2010, after 13 years with the department. Faculty, staff, friends, family, colleagues, and students gathered in the Whitaker Courtyard to celebrate. Several shared memories and praise for Eades, who expressed his gratitude for working in the department and in a field that continues to evolve and include new discoveries. See photos

Alwyn Eades

Eades on Eades:

"On April 29, 2010, there was a celebration to mark the retirement of Alwyn Eades. Alwyn has completed his 'three score years and ten,' but expects to remain active for a good many more. He intends to keep dropping in on the department and to continue his lifelong aim of making life difficult for administrators. For now, he and his wife Irena (who also worked in the department for two years in the late 1990s) plan to go on living in the area.

The celebration took the form of a party at which strawberries and cream were washed down with champagne. This rather British event was taken by many as an indication that Alwyn would be continuing to play tennis. Indeed he will. Alwyn has played tennis for at least six decades - and never played well. He will go on playing badly, but feels that he may now be playing better, albeit more slowly, than he ever has.

Eades, who joined the department in the fall of 1997, sometimes finds it hard to think of himself as a materials scientist. He began his career as a physicist and became an electron microscopist.

Alwyn, who is British, was an undergraduate at the University of Cambridge (UK) and stayed there to get his Ph.D., in physics, in 1967. He then worked in the Department of Physics at the University of Chile in Santiago, Chile, for six years. He returned to England (following the military coup in Chile) in 1974 and was a member of the faculty in the Physics Department at the University of Bristol until 1981, when he came to the United States. From 1981 until he came to Lehigh University, he was director of the Center for Microanalysis of Materials at the University of Illinois.

Alwyn's research interests stem from an abiding fascination with extending the technique of electron microscopy to make it more powerful and more flexible. He has worked, especially, in electron diffraction and was one of the pioneers and innovators in the field known as convergent-beam diffraction."



Photos by Amy White, William Heffner, and Janie Carlin