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Why Lehigh's Graduate Program in Materials Science?

Weihao Weng '11 Ph.D.
Studied electron microscopy of complex oxide catalysts and nano-structured materials






"Lehigh's materials science graduate program is among the top level in this nation and it is well known for its extraordinary electron microscopy research.

"I plan to work as a scientist in an industrial field. Lehigh has a wide variety of cutting-edge research projects such as biomaterials, nanomaterials, and atomic-scale interphase research, that provide many opportunities to meet a student's interest.

"Lehigh MSE has good relationships with industries through Lehigh Nanotech Network (LNN). I recently gave a talk during the LNN's Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials Graduate Student Talent Series, which is a good opportunity to expose my research background and skills to all the LNN industrial partners.

"Every single person, no matter if they are professors, staff, or students in Lehigh's MSE department are nice and always ready to help you."

Greg Brentrup '11 M.S.
Studied welding metallurgy and functionally graded materials

"I chose Lehigh for my graduate studies because of the easy transition from the undergraduate program. I knew that it was a strong program with excellent faculty, and I felt comfortable with my advisor and the other graduate students in the research group I would be joining.

"One of the department's greatest strengths is the mixture of fundamental materials knowledge combined with a lot of practical, hands-on real-world applications where that knowledge can be applied. That will be invaluable throughout my career.

"Additionally, I know that I will use the technical writing and presentation skills that are really strongly emphasized in classes in the department."



Sreya Dutta '09 Ph.D.
Studied electron microscopy, ceramics, thin film, interface, corrosion, and electrochemical studies

"I selected Lehigh for my doctoral studies because of its great professors, interdisciplinary curriculum, and exceptional research facilities. I enjoyed every minute of my stay at Lehigh with dedicated and helpful faculty, staff, and students. I honed my microscopy skills with state-of-the-art electron microscopes and got an opportunity to work with the leaders in this field during the Lehigh Microscopy School. Along with my Ph.D. research, MSE coursework helped me in developing a fundamental understanding of 'materials.'

"Study and research at Lehigh MSE helped me to think outside the box, which encourages me to take up challenging opportunities. Lehigh Nanotech Network was very helpful in my professional networking with its industrial partners. I was very fortunate to improve my communications skills by participating in numerous conferences and publishing in a number of journals. I'm now a materials scientist at Dynalene Inc."

Binay Patel '12 M.S., '15 Ph.D.
Studying electron microscopy of soft materials, applications to polymeric structures and polymer-based nanocomposites

"I attribute my decision to enroll in the materials graduate program to my advisor, Masashi Watanabe. He developed an interest in studying soft materials (an area of research outside his traditional studies that interested me) and was willing to take a risk and select an unconventional applicant. This presented a unique opportunity for both of us to grow our knowledge base, collaborate, and work together to tackle new and challenging materials research.

"Beyond the wealth of physical resources at Lehigh (laboratories, instruments, and especially electron microscopy equipment), there is a genuine atmosphere of teamwork within our department from my fellow graduate students to our professors and department personnel. There has never been a time that someone was not willing to help me answer a question: big or small, research related or administrative, or to point me in the right direction to finding a solution.

"My goal is to work in an entrepreneurial setting in polymer science and nanotechnology to help produce innovative solutions to real-world problems. Lehigh MSE is a great starting point for my career goals because our research interests are cutting edge, our graduate seminar series helps us to stay current with changing trades in academia, and our numerous partnerships with various industries helps us to keep at the forefront of materials applications."