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Charles E. Lyman

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Phone: (610) 758-4249




Charles Lyman received his BS from Cornell and his PhD from MIT, both in materials science.  After a post-doctoral position at the University of Oxford, he held faculty and research positions at RPI and DuPont, respectively.  Dr. Lyman joined the Electron Microscopy Laboratory of Lehigh University in 1984.

Dr. Lyman’s research interests include electron microscopy and microanalysis of metals, ceramics, and heterogeneous catalysts.  He and his students developed the composition-size diagram as a means for correlating the microstructure and activity of supported bimetallic catalysts.  Using this method, his group developed a sulfur-tolerant Pt-Rh catalyst for low-temperature reduction of nitric oxide (NOx) from coal-fired power plants.  He continues to develop methods of tailoring the surface composition of bimetallic nanoparticles to obtain improved catalytic properties.  Lyman has also worked on the microstructure and properties of aluminum alloys, stainless steels, transition metal oxides, and carbon fibers.

Dr. Lyman is Editor-in-Chief of Microscopy and Microanalysis.  He is a member of the Microscopy Society of America (president, 1991), the Microbeam Analysis Society (president, 2000), ASM International, and the American Chemical Society.  Dr. Lyman has been a co-organizer of the annual Lehigh Microscopy School since 1985.  He has co-authored three textbooks and over 100 technical articles.