Lehigh University Calculus Diagnostic Samples August 2009

(Sample Diagnostic 1)
version 1
(Sample Diagnostic 2)
version 2
(August 2009 Diagnostic)
August 2009 diagnostic

The links above take you to an online version of sample diagnostics for the CBE calculus diagnostic at Lehigh University August 2009.
When you click on an answer you will see at the bottom whether or not it is correct.
While in the sample diagnostic click on `contents' to get back to this page.

Motivation for business students to study mathematics

An information letter for first year CBE students

A link to sample diagnostic quizzes for each of the four topics

Pdf file of Sample diagnostic version 1

Pdf file of Sample diagnostic version 2

Pdf file of August 2009 Diagnostic

Pdf file of solutions to sample diagnostics

Pdf file of solutions August 2009 diagnostic