Officers & Administrative Information

Current Officers

Lanita Kim

Adam Wiley
Vice President

Jay Glucksman
Student Technical Director

Nate McHenry

Juliana Orejuela

Eryn Weintraub
Promotions Director

LU Sound Executive Positions and Descriptions

The Governing Members of LU Sound consists of the following offices with the following responsibilities:

  1. President - responsible for seeing that LU Sound operates within the guidelines set forth by the Dean of Students. The president will preside over and schedule all meetings and be responsible for keeping the members of LU Sound up to date with all and any projects LU Sound is endeavoring.
  2. Vice President - responsible for scheduling and hiring for all working events of LU Sound and representing LU Sound to its customers. ALL customer relations with LU Sound should be intermediated with the Vice President. The Vice President is responsible for overseeing meetings when the President is unavailable to attend.
  3. Student Technical Director - responsible for the cataloging and maintaining any and all equipment owned by LU Sound. Should the Technical Advisor be unavailable, the Technical Director is responsible for providing technical guidance to LU Sound.
  4. Promotions Director - responsible for any and all relations between LU Sound and the public (i.e. advertising, etc). The Promotional Director is also responsible for recruiting new members to LU Sound.
  5. Secretary - the recorder for LU Sound. The Secretary will manage, create, and maintain all meeting minutes, forms, and other documents created by LU Sound. The Secretary is also responsible for keeping an up-to-date list of members and their current status with LU Sound.
  6. Treasurer - in charge of keeping track of the LU Sound bank account, expenses, and income. To do this they should maintain an up to date cash flow sheet. The Treasurer is also involved with the approval of special gigs.

Administrative Policies

Elections - Officers will be elected in the month of April by a majority vote of present active members at the meeting. Either the Advisor or the Technical Advisor shall head the election. Newly elected officers shall attend the weekly executive meetings, sharing the offices with the previous officers for the rest of the semester. Officers will serve for a period of one year. All offices, excluding the advisors, shall be undergraduate students.

Governing Meeting A governing meeting will be held weekly at a time which is convenient for executive board. The main purpose of these meetings is to facilitate the planning, scheduling, and hiring of upcoming events.

General Meeting - A general meeting will be held as needed. Officers will update each other at least once a week, meet when it deems necessary, and must meet at least once a month. Updates shall be posted to all members.

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