Industry Perspective

The Leadership Minor was designed keeping in mind what top companies look for in potential hires. We worked with companies, such as IBM, to develop a set of core competencies and qualities which companies are seeking in their leaders (see Developing Leaders). These competencies are addressed by the course material of the minor and reinforced by projects with industry leaders and experts.

A number of companies and organizations have stressed the need for leadership in all areas of their businesses and support the new program. Here is what a few of them had to say:

My customers’ customers are demanding shorter lead times and lower costs. The only way to accomplish that is by making better use of systems, both information systems, and processing systems, and implementing them rapidly. That requires leadership.

Robert (Gus) Gustafson

Vice President of Operations

I make a very positive assumption knowing what I know about Lehigh University, and their ability to train leaders . . . Lehigh has a very effective program at developing leaders. That's why we went to Lehigh University.

Mike Spena

Company President

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