Q: Why should I take the Minor in Engineering Leadership?

A: Lehigh graduates from all fields are typically fast tracked into positions which utilize leadership/managerial skills. The leadership minor will better prepare you for your future career as a leader.


Q: Who can enroll in the leadership minor?

A: Any student from any major or college can enroll.


Q: Will the minor be useful to non-engineering majors?

A: Absolutely! The leadership minor develops skills for all majors to utilize after graduation. Employers in all fields are seeking students with leadership experience and education.


Q: Can the leadership courses be taken by someone not in the minor?

A: Yes! All students are encouraged to take advantage of the minor courses, even if they are not planning on taking all of the courses to receive the minor.


Q: How many courses do I need to receive the minor?

A: There are 5 courses with a minimum of 15 credits.


Q: When should I begin taking leadership courses?

A: To maximize course options it is recommended to start taking courses in your freshman or sophomore year. Students should outline a semester by semester course plan and review it with their advisor to guarantee completion all degree requirements. Notice that some courses are only offered during either the fall or spring semester.


Q: Can courses that count for the minor count toward the other requirements?

A: Yes! Depending on your college, most courses can count toward your electives or major requirements as well as the minor.


Q: What order should the courses be taken?

A: There is no particular order in which the courses need to be taken. However, taking the ethics elective in your freshman or sophomore year is recommended. Also, IE 382- Leadership Development must be taken prior to or concurrently with IE 281-Leadership Project.


Q: Do any of the courses have pre-requisites?

A: Yes, IE 226 (CEE 202) Engineering Economy requires a college level basic statistics course. The statistics course can be taken concurrently with IE 226. The basic statistics requirement can be satisfied by Math 231 Probability and Statistics (Spring or Fall Semester), IE 111 Engineering Probability and Statistics (Fall Only), or a minimum score of 4 in AP Statistics.


Q: How and when do I declare the Minor in Engineering Leadership?

A: You can declare at any time, even after completing all the courses. To declare, obtain a Major Declaration Form from the registrarís office and receive proper signatures from your advisor, the department chair, and the dean.