Photoshop 6.01 Tutorial
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1. Scanning
2. Rotating/Cropping
3. Selecting/Editing
4. Transparency/Copying
Manipulating Part Of A Pre-Existing Image

Scanning in Photoshop 6.01

Let's start by discussing how to scan documents. After installing Adobe Photoshop 6.01 from Lehigh's Install Software function (located on the Start Menu and as an icon on the desktop), begin by running the application. After the program has successfully opened, place your document in the scanner and click to File - Import - HP Precision Scan Pro 2.0 (Alt-F-m). The exact location of this menu is shown below.

After clicking through to this option, you'll be directed to the HP PrecisionScan Pro application shown below.

Open the Scan menu and click Preview to view a low-resolution copy of your document/photo.

After you have previewed your document, open the Scan menu and click Return To Photoshop. This will import a high-resolution copy of your document/photo into Photoshop for editing.

Attempting to return to Photoshop will prompt the following screen:

If you wish to scan and crop within Photoshop, select Scan the entire glass. If you wish to select a specific area of your scanned preview for final scanning, select Let me make a selection area. Press OK.

If you selected Scan the entire glass, it's likely that you have a raw image in need of some touching up.

Proceed to the next section on Rotating/Cropping.