Scanning a document/photo, rotating/cropping a scanned document, selective editing using the magic wand, cutting and erasing, manipulating the paintbrush and eraser tools, creating a new transparent image, adding selected content to a new image.

Creating the fruit basket: Creating a new file, using the magic wand, copying and pasting, understanding layers, using the move tool, using the eraser tool.
Creating a new file, choosing foreground and background colors, using the ellipse tool, transforming a shape using the "free transform" tool, using the history tool, using the path component selection tool, using the ink pen, using the move tool, altering the color of drawn images.
Text, Fonts, and Effects
Creating a new text layer, editing existing layers, altering existing text layers to include text effects such as drop shadows and glow.
Understanding Resolution
The definition of resolution, changing resolution, understanding the difference between print quality and web quality, saving for the web.



created 10-23-01
designed by:
Marshall Kurtz
Amanda Kiser
Justin Mifkovich
Johanna Brams, Project Manager