Photoshop 6.01 Tutorial
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Text, Fonts, and Effects


To insert text into your photoshop document, click on the text icon (as highlighted in the image below)


and then on your file.


Note that a new layer will automatically be added



The beauty of Photoshop 5.0 and higher is that you can go back to your text layers and re-edit, as long as the layers has not been flattened. You can go back to the layer at any time by double-clicking on the text icon itself in the layers window. This icon is denoted by the "t" symbol located in the box icon next to "Layer 1" as shown in the image above. The text will automatically highlight in Photoshop versions 6.0 and higher.

The choice of font will depend on your task. Sans serif fonts such as Ariel are fonts "without tails", meaning they are of equal width all the way around and have no flourishes. Traditionally, sans-serif fonts were used for visual impact -- on posters and TV, for example. They are not as easy to read as serifed fonts -- the type of fonts you normally see in books. The difference between sans-serif and serifed fonts is demonstrated in the image below.


The choice of font should reflect the theme in your design. Experiment to see what works -- but make sure your final choice is legible.

The color of the font should be in contrast to its background in a way that is legible. Using a darker color blue on a ligher blue background, for instance, can result in the characters disappearing into the background enough to make your content difficult to read.

You can, however, use text effects, both to overcome this problem...and to simply add visual impact to your file. To access text effects, select the text layer that you would like to change, then open the "Layer" menu and select Layer Style. As shown in the picture below, a list of effects will appear, including drop shadow, inner shadow, outer glow, etc.

After selecting an effect for your text layer, a new window will appear allowing you to make adjustments to this effect. Additionally you will be able to select multiple effects.