Photoshop 6.01 Tutorial
Drawing A Bug


1) Start a new file by going to File, then New. Name the Image and use the default settings (7"x5", 72 pixels/inch, RGB color mode, white contents)

2) Save the new file. Click on File then Save As. Select the drive and folder you wish to save the image in.

3) Click on View and then Fit on screen.

4) Next we will select a color. Look on the tool bar for the color selection boxes, two larger, overlapped boxes. Double click on the box on the top and select the color white if it is not already. Press ok.

5) Click on the arrow that points to the two overlapped color boxes. Double click on the box on top and select black from the color sheet.

6) Find the Text button on the toolbar. Below the Text button should be the Rectangle Tool. Hold down the left click button until a list appears with varous shapes. Click on the "ellispe tool." Click and drag on the canvas to form an ellipse. Notice how the color of the ellipse is the same color as the top color in the color selection boxes.

7) Select the Ellipse. Find and select the button with the black arrow next to the Text button. Click and drag a square around the black ellipse.

8) Right click on the center of the black ellipse and select "free transform path." Move the cursor to a corner of the framing box. Hold the left click button down and move the mouse to scape, skew, distort or rotate the ellipse. Move the cursor outside of the framing box so that the cursor arrow is curved. Hold the left click button down and move the mouse to rotate the ellipse.

9) If you don't like the transformation you performed go the 'history' list on the side of the screen and click on the 'Drag Paths' line.

10) To move the transformed ellipse select the black arrow (the path component selection tool) next to the "T" button. Click on the center of the ellipse and drag it into your desirved position.

11) Next you will freelance the rest of the beetles body. Find the ink pen tool on the toolbar. hold down the left mouse button until a list appears. Select the 'Freeform Pen Tool' and left click on it. Draw the general shape of a beetle body by holding down the left mouse button and firmy draging the mouse. Photoshop will automatically smooth the lines you draw.

12) To edit your freelanced shape go back to the Pen tool list, select the "Pen Tool." Edit your freelanced shape by adding points (pen has a + next to it) and removing points (pen has a - next to it) and converting points (click and drag black straight lines).

13) Connect the premade shapes by using the move tool. First select the image using the arrow and then use the move tool to position them as required.

14) Use any of the tools(such as the paint bucket or paintbrush) to color in the bugs body.