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A mini Interactive Web Course on
Glass in Energy

January 17 - March 1, 2012


Professor Rui Almeida (
IMI-NFG, Lehigh University. Sabbatical Faculty (currently on leave from Instituto Superior Tecnico (Technical University of Lisbon), Portugal
Professor Himanshu Jain (
IMI-NFG and Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, Lehigh University
Professor Steve Martin (
Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering, Iowa State University

Course Information

This course was offered during the Spring Semester of 2012. It provides an overview of the use of glass in different applications in the field of energy. It starts with a general introduction to the fabrication process and most relevant properties of glass, followed by a review of the specific energy domains where glass is currently applied or is expected to be used in the near future.

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Lecture/Course Notes & Videos


Lecture Topic
All lectures will be presented by Prof. Rui Almeida
 (unless noted otherwise)

Slides/Course Notes


Lecture 1

Introduction slides: pdf>
Glass Basic I

pdf > video >

Lecture 2

Glass Basics II pdf > video >

Lecture 3

Energy Efficiency in Glass Manufacturing pdf > video >

Lecture 4

Glasses for Solar Energy I: Low-E and Solar Control Glass pdf > video >

Lecture 5

Glasses for Solar Energy II: Solar Thermal Energy pdf > video >

Lecture 6

Glasses for Solar Energy III: PV and Photochemical pdf > video >

Lecture 7

Glass Fibers for Wind for Energy pdf > video >

Lecture 8

Glasses for Nuclear Waste Vitrification pdf > video >

Lecture 9

Glasses for Fuel Cells and H2 Storage pdf > video >

Lecture 10

Glasses for Li Batteries and Super-Capacitors I, presented by Prof. Steve Martin, Iowa State University pdf > video >

Lecture 11

Glasses for Li Batteries and Super-Capacitors II, presented by Prof. Steve Martin, Iowa State University pdf > video >

Lecture 12

Laser Glasses pdf > video >
Lecture 13
Glasses for White Light Generation pdf > video >
Lecture 14

Contact Information

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Judd Hark (
LTS, Lehigh University

Course Support:
Dr. William Heffner (
Associate Director, IMI-NFG, Lehigh Unversity

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