Executive Board

Team Captain

Grant David Moore

Industrial and Systems Engineering

This is my second year functioning as a team leader for Lehigh Hyperloop. We've already accomplished so much, but I look forward to continuing to change the future in high speed transportation -- as is our goal.

Team Captain

Onur Gencer Ates

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Having been a core part of the team since the beginning of the build phase of the initial competition, Gencer is currently one of the two team captains, focusing on strategic planning and team management. His previous experience as the team executive assistant allows him to implement and improve on previous years’ ideas and directives.

Co-Engineering Lead, Simulation Lead

Nithin Rajaram

Mechanical Engineering

I joined the team because I wanted to work on an innovative project that could potentially change the transportation industry. I'm in charge of all the simulations done on the pod and its components.

Logistics Lead

Anh (Peter) Nguyen

IDEAS with concentrations in Mechanical Engineering and Product Design. Minoring in Entrepreneurship and Science, Technology and Society

Having worked with the team for the last 2 years, Peter is now in charge of logistics and, when needed, helps out with the General Engineering Team. His experience and background help him understand the needs of each team and which resource is required to fulfill those needs.

Head of Marketing and Sponsor Allocation

Alex Castellano


Alex oversees business and marketing aspects of the club, including social media accounts, advertisements, emails, and communication with sponsors and donators..

Lead Electrical Engineer

Raymond Tetyevsky

B.S. Electrical Engineering

Raymond joined in fall of 2017, and is responsible for directing the electrical subsystem team. His experience in the electrical, mechanical, and aerospace field, assist him in the design and implementation of the electronic control/navigation system.

Engineering Lead

Bryce Cavey

Mechanical Engineering

Bryce joined the team as a Freshman in 2017. He is a member of the engineering team, is working on a design to launch our pod from the starting line, and is responsible for renders of our pod.

Lead Engineer

Alexander Radetsky

Electrical Engineering, Computer Science

Having been a part of the team for over a year, Alex is now Lead Engineer. His experience with Mechanical and Electrical systems alike allows him to manage subteams and oversee pod production from early design, to implementation and testing. His CAD experience allows him to lead the design team and teach others to develop their CAD skills.

Lead Programmer

Laura Ott

Computer Science and Business

Laura joined the team during Fall Semester of 2017 and has taken the lead on the programming team. As a Computer Science and Business major, she works on both technical and non-technical sides of the team, and also works as the team photographer.

Design Team

Launcher Design Team

Melissa Henry

Integrated Business and Engineering

Melissa joined the team in Fall of 2017. She is currently working to help design the launch mechanism.

Launcher Design Team

Christian Tirrito

Molecular Biology

Christian recently joined the Hyperloop team in the fall of 2017. He is actively contributing ideas and utilizing CAD to help design the launch mechanism.

Wheel Design Team

Troy Wilford-Hunt

B.S. Mechanical Engineering, B.S. Integrated Business and Engineering

As a member of the Wheel Design Team and Business Team, Troy contributes to the team as a whole with his work ethic as well as his knowledge of and interest in the automotive industry.

Wheel Design Team

Daniel Grumbles

Mechanical Engineering and Integrated Business and Engineering, Product Design

Excited about the potentials of a new mode of transportation, I joined Lehigh Hyperloop as a first-year. I plan to design and develop cutting-edge wheels for the pod, which will save valuable weight.

Wheel Design Team

Benjamin Schwartz

IDEAS: Concentrations in Chemical Engineering and Sustainable Development

When I first learned about Hyperloop I was instantly interested in the concept of new transportation technologies. My affinity for collaboration and eclectic interests will bring a variety of ideas to the engineering and wheel design team.

Engineering Team

General Engineering Team

Evan Hruskar

Computer Science

My experience with Python, Java, and Arduino allows me to both work with the electrical subsystems on the Hyperloop pod, and assist with programming the control systems present on the vehicle.

General Engineering Team

Erin Huntzinger

Civil Engineering, Physics, Chinese Language

" I choose to join the Lehigh Hyperloop team because it applies concepts from the classroom to a practical competition and that the Hyperloop is at the cutting edge of transportation technology."

General Engineering Team

Brad Edgerton

Mechanical Engineering

Brad joined the team to help with the fabrication of the pod. He has helped with dismantling the old pod and organizing the parts. He is looking to be a major help with fabricating the new pod once designs are finalized.

General Engineering Team

Ben Meyerson

Chemical engineering

I choose to join the Lehigh Hyperloop team because it applies concepts from the classroom to a practical competition and that the Hyperloop is at the cutting edge of transportation technology."

General Engineering Team

Anthony Barbato

Mechanical Engineering

Anthony joined the team in September of 2017. As a transfer student, Anthony was looking to get involved with other engineering students and help with fabrication. Since joining, he has helped dismantle the old pod and set up the workspace.

Programming Team

Programming Team

Yuanhai Tan

Computer Science

I joined the team because I saw the project could change how people travel for the next hundreds of years. I handle the website and some of the programming tasks of the project.

Marketing & Sponsor Outreach Team

Marketing & Sponsor Outreach Team

Christopher Gaetano


I joined Hyperloop to become involved in an unconventional business related extra curricular. I help out with the team’s marketing outreach, and in the team’s workshop.