Executive Board

Chief Engineer/Co-Team Captain

Seamus Cullinane

Electrical Engineering

Seamus is a founding member of the team. He started with a small role leading the electrical subsystem team. As the team reorganized, Seamus began to take on a more overarching role in the team while also maintaining the electrical subsystem team. Seamus became a co-captain with a focus on overall design of the pod and has been leading the pod design for the last year.

Build Lead/Co-Team Captain

Grant Moore

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Grant Moore joined the team specifically for the build portion of the competition. His family builds residential homes for a living and he has a firm grasp of how to use all hand and power tools. Grant has led all aspects of pod fabrication, shipping box fabrication, and workspace training. It is one thing to design the sub-systems necessary to make the pod work as a collegiate-level engineer, but it takes a lot more to keep those designers in the land of realism, and produce a final working product. Without him, there is no way the pod could have been built or shipped across the country. Grant taught the entire build team how to use the tools necessary to build the pod and acted as the foreman for the build process. Grant has been such a enormous part of the team that it was an easy decision to promote him to his current position as Co-Team Captain.

Lead Mechanical Engineer/Future Chief Engineer

Tech Tanasarnsopaporn

B.S. Materials Engineering, B.S. Integrated Business and Engineering

Tech joined the team as a freshman and has been one of the most active and innovative members on the team. Tech became the lead mechanical engineer after he demonstrated his extreme dedication to the team and impressive creativity. Tech is the brain behind some of the most innovative parts of our design, including the two-part air intake system. Separating the high-flow and low-flow air systems has been a key element of our pod and has allowed us to advance to the final competition.

Secretary/Future Outreach Team Captain

Onur Gencer Ates

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Gencer joined the team in spring 2016 and has been a huge help ever since. With a large team there is a lot of subteams that all need to be managed and updated. While assisting with fabrication, he also kept all the team members up to date by compiling weekly updates and distributing the info to the rest of the team. Gencer will be a team captain for the second competition with a focus on outreach.

Head of Safety/Future Inner Team Captain

Emma Issacs

Material Science and Engineering, Minor in Entrepreneurship

Emma joined the team during the spring semester of 2016. She has made herself indispensable by managing team safety and documentation. While other members of the team were very focused on the design and building of the pod Emma was able to jump into the team by helping to regulate team safety and manage team documents. With over 30 dedicated members it can be difficult to ensure that each member has the proper training; Emma was able to maintain organization and ensure that the necessary training and safety protocol are followed, and that other documents are turned in correctly and on time.

Financial Manager

Michael Trongone

Integrated Business and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering

Mike joined the team in the Spring of 2016 to help build in the initial stages of the project. In the fall of 2016 the team had an opening for financial manager, and Mike was enthusiastic about taking the position. In the time that followed, he has proved to be an integral part in managing many large payments for parts and services, monitor spending activity, and plan the team's budgets."

Key Mechanical Engineer

Aaron Sandoval

Mechanical Engineering

Aaron has been on the team since spring 2016 and has been able to contribute his engineering skills in the pod's structural design and fabrication. The project requires extensive simulations to ensure that an adequate factor of safety is maintained throughout all critical structures and connections. Aaron has performed many of these simulations for the team. He is a down-to-brass worker who ensures the structural integrity of the pod.

Key Mechanical Engineer

Christian Murphy

Mechanical Engineering

Christian has been on the team since fall 2015 and has been able to contribute his engineering skills in any area of the pod needed. He has provided his skills towards designs and simulations in the pod during this time. In addition, he served as the co-build lead during the summer with Grant.

Design Team

Programming Lead

John Ott

Computer Science


Jesse Galloway

Computer Engineering

Jesse joined the team in the fall of 2016. He has been a member of the design team, working mainly on the designs for Hyperloop 2. Jesse is responsibly chiefly for the physical exterior design of Hyperloop 2, he has also been working on preliminary fabrication for the pod.


Alex Castellano


Alex joined the team in September of 2016. Since then, he has been the director of the business and marketing aspects of the club, including the creation and maintenance of social media accounts, advertisements, business cards, and management of email correspondences.

Mechanical Design

Kaity Hwang

Mechanical Engineering

Joined in Sept 2015. Began as a team member on hull, later became the propulsion team lead.


Drew Siedel

Computer Science

" Drew joined the team in fall of 2016, seeking new engineering and software challenges. He worked mainly on the pod's software, primarily designing a computer vision system that determined when the pod should break. He also helped with general integration of the various computer systems of the pod. Drew also worked on fabrication, helping with the physical build of the pod.


Anh "Peter" Nguyen

Mechanical Engineering and Product Design

Peter has been on the team since fall of 2015 and has contributed in different aspects of the pod as needed. Now, he focuses mainly on helping with logistics for showcase event as well as for the Hyperloop 1 team's transportation and housing at the competition.

Build Team

Build Team

Joseph Araujo

Civil Engineering

Build Team

Nayantara "Tara" Chaisson

Electrical Engineering

Build Team

Nithin Rajaram

Undeclared Engineering

Build Team

Alexander Radetsky

Electrical Engineering

Alex joined the team in September, 2016. After coming into the team, he jumped straight into the electrical subsystem team, learning the Hyperloop 1 system, and helping finish its installation. Since then, he designed the life-support system for the Hyperloop 2 system, and will work to improve and integrate the electrical subsystem, as its lead.