Lehigh University
Lehigh Research Cluster Workshop: Toward the Smart Grid
Over the coming decades, the development of integrated networks for electricity that predict and intelligently respond to the needs of individuals, industries, and entire societies will reshape the energy landscape. The success of this so-called "smart grid" relies upon a seamless and secure confluence of three interrelated flows among suppliers, distributors, and consumers of electrical power:
  • electricity itself;
  • information related to pricing, availability, and real-time network conditions; and,
  • associated financial and transactional data.
This workshop will bring together experts to discuss the future of electricity networks from each of these perspectives, and the research needed to light the way. Please attend if you are interested in learning about the smart grid's significance to our energy future, as well as Lehigh's emerging research cluster in Integrated Networks for Electrical, Information and Financial Flows.

Invited speakers include:

Dean Wu, Lehigh
S. David Wu
Dean and Iacocca Professor
Lehigh Engineering
Prof Rick Blum, Lehigh
Rick Blum
Professor, ECE
Prof Scaglione, UC Davis
Anna Scaglione
Professor, ECE
UC Davis
Prof Mount, Cornell
Timothy Mount
Professor, Applied Econ & Mgmt, Cornell
Prof Bose, Washington State U
Anjan Bose
Professor, Power Engineering,
Washington State
Vice Provost Snyder, Lehigh
Alan Snyder
Vice President and Associate Provost, Lehigh
Prof Roberts, Rutgers
Fred S. Roberts
Professor, Mathematics
Rutgers University
Jeff Taft, Cisco
Jeffrey D. Taft
Chief Architect, Connected Energy Networks, Cisco
M. Dodge, Lehigh
Martha Dodge
Director, Energy Systems Engineering, Lehigh
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