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At present four panels are envisioned

P. Colella, M. Greenwald, D. Keyes, A. Kritz
D. Meiron, T. Rognlien, A. Siegel
S. Parker, C. Phillips, X. Tang
P. Colella, D. Keyes, P. Worley  

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Questions for Panels

What are critical technical issues for the fusion program?
On what time scale is a resolution needed for each issue?
How can high performance computer simulation contribute to the resolution of each critical technical issue?
What substantial contribution can computer simulation make that traditional theory or experiment, by themselves, cannot?
What investments in fusion and computational science and infrastructure must be made to obtain the needed answers?
What contributions can be obtained from advancements in physics models, algorithms, software, and computer hardware?
How do we organize and manage the Fusion Simulation Project to address these critical technical issues?