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Previous Fusion Simulation Project (FSP) committee asked to address questions outlined in charge letter dated February 22, 2002

Develop 5-6 year initiative the goal of which is develop an improved capacity for Integrated Simulation and Optimization of Fusion Systems

What is the current status of integrated computational modeling and simulation?

What should be the vision for integrated simulation of toroidal confinement fusion systems?

What new theory and applied mathematics are required for simulation and optimization of fusion systems?

What computer science is required for simulation and optimization of fusion systems?

What are the computational infrastructure needs for integrated simulation of fusion systems?

How should integrated simulation codes be validated, and how can they best be used to enable new scientific insights?

FESAC appointed committee to develop a roadmap

• FESAC appointed committee to develop a roadmap

Final FESAC Report December 2002

http://www.isofs.info/FSP_Final_Report.pdf  http://www.isofs.info/FSP_Appendix.pdf

Fusion Simulation Project (FSP) envisioned as a 15 year, $20M/year
multi-institutional project

Develop a comprehensive simulation capability for magnetic fusion experiments with a focus on ITER

Recommended an approach through Focused Integration Initiatives

Coupling pairs of components before moving to whole device modeling

OFES formed an FSP Steering Committee in 2003

Develop project vision, governance concept, and roadmap for the FSP

Recommended that the FSP consist of three elements:

  • Production component
  • A research and integration component
  • A software infrastructure component
  • Final report in Journal of Fusion Energy, Vol. 23, No. 1, March 2004