Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about the Exploring Life Evaluation Study


Q: I team teach with other biology teachers in my grade level and would like them to use the Exploring Life materials also. Can I do this?

A: Yes you can. However, other teachers in your school using the materials must sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement located on the "Exploring Life Participant Information" Web page. This form must be returned to the Exploring Life Evaluation office.
Please note: we do not have additional honoraria to provide to other teachers. We do not expect other teachers to provide us evaluation feedback or for their students to take the pre and posttest content assessments. But it would be very nice if they did, and we would heartily thank them. We can only provide your school with one class set of materials. Additional paper copies to be used by other teachers must be xeroxed by your school.


Q: I do not teach regular level biology students. Can I participate in this study?

A: No. Participants in this study must teach at least one class of regular level biology students.


Q: Do I need a letter from my building principal to participate?

A: Yes. If you are selected to participate in this study, the National Science Foundation requires a letter of support from your building administrator.


Q: If selected to participate, what is my commitment to the Exploring Life study?

A: As a participant in this study, you must be willing to review materials prior to the workshop and complete an online evaluation survey after the workshop. You will pilot test at least three chapters in your classroom during the upcoming school years and review additional curricular materials in developmental stages. You must be willing to have a member of the evaluation team observe your students using the Exploring Life materials at your school.

Q: Can I use the Exploring Life materials with my "honors" biology classes or other non-regular level biology classes?

A: Yes. In exchange for using the materials with your honors biology class(es), we would request that you volunteer to complete a separate Journal Entry and Post Implementation Survey specifically for using the materials with your honors biology students. We would also request a phone interview after the implementation.


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