What is Biology: Exploring Life?

Biology: Exploring Life is a new kind of high school biology program, a different solution for 9th and 10th grade teachers and students, being developed by the Prentice-Hall School Group, a division of Pearson Education for publication in 2003.

The Exploring Life development team has rallied around three fundamental values:

The development team also believes that integrating technology into curricular contexts can help teachers bring active science to all students. Of all computer technology, the Internet is the most promising new environment for active learners. The World Wide Web shares the three main features of CD-ROMs: hypermedia, multimedia, and interactivity. But the Web adds two more qualities: it is organic and it is social -- organic in the metaphorical sense that it is ever-evolving and social in the very real sense that it is a meeting place where students and teachers can collaborate, even over long distance.

Biology: Exploring Life consists of three components united by a common backbone of key concepts:

1) a short, concepts-oriented textbook
2) a rich website
3) a unique set of laboratories and fieldwork activities

Exploring Life is structured around the assumption that the book is the place to read, the Website is the place to interact with the content, and the laboratory is the place for discovery and experimentation. It is the developers' intention to completely integrate these three learning environments to provide a seamless and unified instructional program for teachers and students.


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