Technical Elective List

Below is the list of technical electives available to ESE MEng students. Other electives may be considered with the approval of the program Director. Students must select 4 – 5 electives.


–  Two (2) electives must be 400 level courses and
–  Three (3) electives must be in the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science.


Please understand that not all the courses are offered each semester and that additional energy-related special topics courses may be offered from time to time. Please check the online course catalog for course descriptions.



•  Chemical Engineering
•  Civil & Environmental Engineering
•  Computer Science & Engineering
•  Electrical & Computer Engineering
•  Industrial & Systems Engineering
•  Materials Science & Engineering
•  Mechanical Engineering & Mechanics


Business and Science

•  Chemistry
•  Earth & Environmental Science
•  Economics
•  Environmental Studies
•  International Relations
•  Physics
•  Political Science


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