Professional Master's Program

The mission of Lehigh's 30-credit 10-month Professional Master's (M. Eng.) degree program in Energy Systems Engineering is to provide the tools and training necessary for young scientists and engineers to develop themselves into leaders in the emerging challenges of the energy and power industry -- creating a pipeline of talent interested in pursuing energy-oriented careers.


Students in the program encounter business and management issues critical in this field, and acquire specialized knowledge that allows them to tackle challenges facing the U.S. utility infrastructure, its operations, and its environmental impact.


non-thesis industry-specific project

Each student also engages in a non-thesis industry-specific project that leverages related Lehigh research endeavors or addresses an issue identified by one of the program's industry sponsors.


Coursework for the program is drawn from three core areas:
Energy Generation —
including coal, nuclear, oil and gas, fusion, and renewable energy sources such as wind and solar.
Transmission and Distribution/Smart Grid —
covering infrastructure systems, security, interconnections, and distribution optimization.
Energy and the Environment —
including climate change, clean coal technologies and nuclear waste issues.

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