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ESE graduates are well prepared for careers in energy-related endeavors on behalf of government, research institutions, and other associated industries such as control technologies and alternative-energy sourcing. Through taking advantage of the numerous networking opportunities embedded in the program's curriculum and the career resources available to them on campus, ESE students typically secure employment prior to graduation or within the first three months after graduation.


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Rejuvenating an aging workforce 

Brian O'Boyle was not expecting the email from the P.C. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science, but he is embracing the career change it led him to...
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Hitting the Ground in Full Stride 

As an undergraduate majoring in mechanical engineering, Andy Edmonds '09 had little interest in the power industry until he learned of Lehigh's new master's of engineering (M.Eng.) in energy systems engineering (ESE)...
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RESOLVE VOL. 2, 2014 Interviews: M.Eng. in Energy Systems Engineering Alumni Robert Smith & Karys Moreno Arisohn 

Former Dean S. David Wu: Everything Must Relate to a Bigger Picture
"Engineers educated at Lehigh are not pocket protector engineers; rather, they are well-balanced individuals who are trained to think rigorously and imaginatively and who use engineering as a platform to bigger and better things."
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