Faculty & Staff

The ESE mission and operations are supported by a dedicated team of faculty and staff. This includes the ESE Director, adjunct faculty, project mentors, and program coordinator.




Faculty Oversight Committee

The ESE Faculty Oversight Committee, comprised of a core group of faculty members from the participating engineering departments, works with the ESE Director to define the direction and mission of the ESE.


In addition, these key faculty members coordinate major research projects through the ESE and make curricular decisions for the Energy Systems Engineering (ESE) Master of Engineering degree program.




Strategic Advisory Council

The program includes the participation of Strategic Advisory Council (SAC) comprised of industry practitioners. The SAC appointments reflect a wide range of energy industry interests, including all forms of energy generation, distribution, and environmental considerations, to technology development and industrial supply of equipment, materials, and services.


The SAC critiques and reviews student projects at key points in the project timelines and provides input on the content of the core energy courses. SAC members also serve as guest lecturers for the program's seminar series and as a pool of potential employers for program graduates.



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