Engineering Minor
Focus Areas

Within the program's agile framework, students develop a specific focus for their minor that best complements their personal and professional goals. Participants in the engineering minor develop an awareness and understanding of what engineers do and how they do it, the tools that engineers use, and the basic capabilities and limitations of engineered systems.

Non-engineering majors participating in this program will understand and appreciate the process of engineering design and manufacturing, including the creation of new products and markets. Students will also gain an understanding of the tools and language of engineering; how the basic laws of science and engineering aid or constrain practical applications, and why engineered products succeed or fail.

The goal of this program will be the development of technically perceptive graduates who can:

  • Appreciate engineering as a creative profession;
  • Effectively team with engineers;
  • Understand and appreciate the tools, processes, and capabilities of engineering
As society becomes more technology driven, and working and communicating within diverse teams is paramount to success in the workplace, it is essential that we develop non-technical individuals who have a broad level of comfort with technology, and technology driven development. We feel that our engineering minor for non-engineers fits this national need perfectly, and that it will be a leadership model for post-secondary education in the 21st century.

Engineering Minor at Lehigh