This is the cover of the video jacket, although I used a bit of creative liscence and altered it a bit. The three leading lines at the top of the jacket struck me to be glib descriptions of themovie. AIDS posed a threat to all of society and its norms that many had relied on so heavily. Everyone, including and especially the medical professionals did not want to face the reality that a virus similar in power and deadly nature to the Ebola Virus, could be seeping into the American public. Originally termed as GRID for Gay Related Immunodeficiency, it was a disease that was stigmatized as the "gay man's disease." In a world where homosexuals endured enough ridicule and discrimination, a deadly disease on a rampage was not something that the gay community was expecting to be placed on their shoulders. Finally the disease was renamed AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) due to the discovery that the virus was blood born and did not have a sexual preference when infecting its victims. Even with its new name, the political and medical fields alike were apprehensive when mentioning it in any or all contexts. There were few people who took on the challenge of fighting so many.
This is their story.