Name: Tina Kao   Age: 20
Birthday: December 15
Nickname: Peanut or Precious
Sibs: Tara (twin sister), Phil, and Laura
Pretend sib: Willy Wang (little brother) and Dave (his real sib)
Bestest buds: Vanessa Capacio and Chris Aviso (even though they deny it)
My boyfriend: Ricky "Stocks" Cheng
School: Lehigh University
Major: Journalism/English
Fave movie: EVER AFTER!!!
Fave shows: "Felicity and Friends"
Fave CD: TLC "Fanmail"
Fave fictional character: Tigger and Elmo
Fave Magazine: Cosmopolitan
Fave clothing: tank top and flare jeans
Fave sport: Football!!!
Fave food: candy and crabs =p
Fave actors: Dean Cain and Jerry O'Connell (not for acting skills)
Fave actress: Drew Barrymore
Hated actors: Chevy Chase and Rodney Dangerfield

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Here's my fave pic of all time.  Florida was the bomb!!!

Here's me and Ricky...isn't the wall cool?!?

Illll...what are they doing?!?  Stop picking the monkey's nose!

T.T.F.N. (ta-ta for now) 
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