GLORY (1989)
Studio:  Columbia TriStar
Director:  Edward Zwick
Screenwriter:  Kevin Jarre
Story:  Based on the books Lay This Laurel by Lincoln Kirstein and One Gallant Rush by Peter Burchard and on the letters of Robert Gould Shaw
Producer:  Freddie Fields
Director of Photography:  Freddie Francis
Editor:  Steven Rosenblum
Production Designer:  Norman Garwood
Music:  James Horner
Cast:  Matthew Broderick (Col. Robert Gould
           Denzel Washington (Pvt. Trip)
           Morgan Freeman (Sgt. Maj. John 
           Cary Elwes (Maj. Cabot Forbes)
           Jihmi Kennedy (Pvt. Jupiter Sharts)
           Andre Braugher (Cpl. Thomas Searles)

Color, 122 minutes.

Won, Oscar, 1990, best supporting actor (Washington)
Won, Oscar, 1990, best cinematography (Francis)
Won, Oscar, 1990, best sound (Mitchell, Rudloff, Tyson, Williams)
Nominated, Oscar, 1990, best art direction-set decoration (Garwood, Lewis)
Nominated, Oscar, 1990, best film editing (Rosenblum)
Won, Golden Globe, 1990, best supporting actor (Washington)
Nominated, Golden Globe, 1990, best director (Zwick)
Nominated, Golden Globe, 1990, best motion picture - drama (Fields)
Nominated, Golden Globe, 1990, best original score - motion picture (Horner)
Nominated, Golden Globe, 1990, best screenplay - motion picture (Jarre)
Won, ACE Award, 1990, best edited feature film (Rosenblum)
Won, CSA Award, 1990, best casting for feature film, drama (Colquhoun)
Won, WGA Award, 1990, best screenplay based on material from another medium (Jarre)
Nominated, BAFTA, 1991, best cinematography (Francis)
Won, Grammy, 1991, best instrumental composition written for a motion picture or for television (Horner)
Won, Political Film Society Award, 1991, human rights

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