MISSING (1982)

Key Passages

-- approximate times given are marked from the beginning of the film not the video tape --

0:05:25  Foreshadowing
Terry:  Charlie, do you think itís smart to keep all those notes?

0:10:21  Piecing together the clues
Charlie:  See, Patrick said that they were running search and destroy missions.
Beth:  Whoís Patrick?
Terry:  The Colonel stationed in Vina.
Charlie:  Listen, we saw some very upsetting things in Vina.

0:15:49  Confusion
Charlie:  (referring to the newspaper)  Now, I donít understand, thereís nothing here.  Now, they told us in Vina that the military were executing thousands of people hereóthereís nothing.
Kathy:  When were you in Vina?
Charlie:  We just got back yesterday.  Wanna hear something strange?  Our hotel was full of American military officers.
Kathy:  Iíd forget about that.

0:16:44  Play dumb
Kathy:  Now listen, both of you.  Forget this and forget Vina.  Find yourselves a safe place, a hotel with lots of people around.  Just hole up there until you can get out of here.

0:17:20  False confidence
Charlie:  Donít worry they canít hurt us.  Weíre Americans!

0:26:05  Help from government?
Government official:  Here in the State Department sir, weíve investigated and have been unable to find any trace of your son.  Neither our embassy down there or the military government know where he is.
Ed:  Yet the New York Times says that heís been arrested.
Government official:  Well, thatís what your daughter-in-law told the press.  Sheís been pestering those embassy people, so they told me.
Ed:  Terry Simon is a friend.  She was there on vacation caught in the coup.  She confirmed everything that Beth told me.
Woman official:  The arrested Americans have all been released, thanks to our embassyís efforts.  The last two, Terrugi and Hollowayó
Government official:  yeah, theyíre friends of your sonís
Woman:  were released.  And Terrugi left without even thanking the embassy.
Government official:  Mr. Horman, this is gonna take a little time.  I suggest you go back up to New York and relax, and let us handle it.

0:28:09  Clarification, please
Congressman:  What are his politics?
Ed:  Liberal, I suppose.
Congressman:  Liberal?  Or Radical?
Ed:  Congressman, my son is much too wishy-washy to be a radical.

0:32:30  Losing hope
Beth:  Well, I donít expect a whole hell of a lot anymore?
Ed:  Why?
Beth:  Heís been gone two weeks.  And I donít know, they give me the same song and dance over and over again.  He could be hurt orÖtortured.  They donít give a god damn about him.
Ed:  Oh look, really, I donít want to hear any of your anti-establishment paranoia!  I certainly get enough of that from my son.  If he had settled down where he belongs, this would never have happened in the first place.

0:35:28  A disapproving father
Ed:  What did he do?
Beth:  What?
Ed:  What stupid thing did Charles do to cause his arrest or make him go into hiding?
Beth:  Ed, Charlie is not a stupid man.
Ed:  Well, he wasnít too smart, I can tell you.  Getting into such a mess that I have to fly 16 hours in order toóSometimes I honestly think that that boy is incapable of doing anything, except of course give idealistic speeches and write novels thatíll never be published.  Unless, the entire disappearing act is a stunt, to publicize his forthcoming autobiography.
Beth:  Well, why donít you just go home.  Iíll find my husband myself.

0:36:55  Government empathy?
Ambassador:  But first I want to express our deep concern over your sonís disappearance.
Ed:  Thank you
Ambassador:  I assure you, every element at our disposal has been and will continue to be utilized to facilitate his safe return.

0:37:42  Frustration
Beth:  Weíve been through this a hundred times.  You know damn well heís not in hiding.  Our whole neighborhood saw him picked up by a goon squad!

0:43:48  Suspicious
Andrew Babcock:  Well, the Navy sent me down here to do a job and, ah, sheís done.

0:47:26  ďFriendlyĒ advice
Tower:  You know, if I were you (to Beth) Iíd quit living in the past.  I think itís time you started thinking about your future.

0:51:07  Criticism
Ed:  Well, I guess itís easy to be poor when you have a round trip ticket in your pocket.

0:52:38  The Little Prince
Beth:  (reading)  Itís only with the heart that one can see rightly.  What is essential is invisible to the eye.
Ed:  What is essential?
Beth:  The stuff you canít see.

0:59:32  Angry words from a father
Ed:  If you had stayed where you belong and paid a little attention to the basics, this never wouldíve happened.
Beth:  And what are the basics?  God, Country, and Wall Street?

1:10:12  Desperation
Ed:  (to U.S. Government officials)  I just want you to reach those people and tell them that I will take Charles back in any condition.  Iím not gonna make a stink.  Iím not gonna go to the newspapers.  You make out any kind of a release form, Iíll sign it.  I will absolve anyoneóeveryone of everything.  I just want my boy back.  (pause)  Heís the only child I have, sir.

1:11:23  Proud to be an American?
Putnam:  Iíve never seen so many cables from Washington.  What kind of pull do you have up there?
Ed:  Iím an American citizen.

1:19:17  Wake-up call
Silvio:  (to Ed)  You Americans, you always assume we must do something before you can be arrested.
Ed:  Well, isnít that the way it usually works?
Silvio:  Not around here, Mr. Horman

1:58:40  Holding someone accountable
Ed:  Well, thereís something Iím gonna do.  Iím gonna sue you Phil, and Tower and the Ambassador and everybody who let that boy die.  Weíre gonna make it so hot for you youíll wish you were stationed in the Antarctic.
Phil:  Well, I guess thatís your privilegeó
Ed:  NO, ITíS MY RIGHT!  I just thank God that we live in a country where we can still put people like you in jail.

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