MISSING (1982)


Studio:  Universal
Director:  Constantin Costa-Gavras
Screenwriters:  Costa-Gavras, Thomas Hauser, Donald Stewart
Story:  Thomas Hauser
Producers:  Peter Guber, Edward Lewis, Mildred Lewis, Terry Nelson, Jon Peters
Director of Photography:  Ricardo Aronovich
Editor:  Francoise Bonnot
Production Designer:  Peter Jamison
Cast:  Jack Lemmon  (Ed Horman)
          Sissy Spacek  (Beth Horman)
          John Shea  (Charles Horman)
          Melanie Mayron  (Terry Simon)
          David Clennon  (Consul Phil Putnam)
          Janice Rule  (Kate Newman)
          Charles Cioffi  (Captain Ray Tower)
          Richard Venture  (United States Ambassador)

Color, 122 mins.

Won, Cannes Film Festival, 1982, best actor (Lemmon), Golden Palm, 1982,
Won, Oscars, 1983best writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium
    (Costa-Gavras, Stewart)
Nominated, Oscars, 1983, best actor (Lemmon), best actress (Spacek), best picture
Won, British Academy Awards, 1983, best film editing (Bonnot), best screenplay
    (Costa-Gavras, Stewart)
Nominated, British Academy Awards, 1983, best actor (Lemmon), best actress (Spacek),
    best direction (Costa-Gavras), best film (Lewis), best score (Vangelis)
Won,Writer’s Guild of America 1983, best screenplay Based on Material Previously
    Produced or Published – Drama (Costa-Gavras, Stewart)
Nominated, Golden Globes, 1983, best actor (Lemmon), best actress (Spacek), best
    director (Costa Gavras), best motion picture-drama, best screenplay-motion picture
    (Costa-Gavras, Stewart)

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