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Movie Time Log

The following is a scene- by- scene log of the movie, including the times of each scene.  It can be used to refresh your memory or, using the time given, to be able to go back to a specific scene in the movie.

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0:00  Opening Scene-- in studio, “Night Talk”; Barry Champlain’s commentary on the previous night's criminal activity; callers
         include: Pizza Guy,  lonely Debbie, and drugged Rhonda
Click here for a VIDEO CLIP of this scene
7:15 News of Show Going National from Chuck

8:45 Metro Wave Broadcasting is Taking the Show Over- -callers include: homophobic, anti-Semitic,  and racist Chet
        and Kent whose girlfriend has overdosed

15:25 Be Nice-- Laura tells Barry to be nice, he goes into his office

17:00  Calls Ellen-- his ex-wife, needs someone to talk to, wants her to be there for him when the show goes national

18:30 Back on the Air-- callers include: Bob and John, the black man who loves the show but doesn't know why

21:30 What's Wrong With Me?-- Debbie calls back

23:30 Package-- Chet calls back and asks about the mail bomb

26:00  Dead Rat-- Barry opens the box and finds a dead rat and the swastika flag

28:00  Basketball Game-- autograph for Joe Bob; drunk woman pours beer on Barry

32:30  Booed-- tries to make speech, gets booed off the court

33:15  In Bed with Laura-- Dietz calls to tell Barry he loves him; Ellen calls and asks Barry why he isn't there to pick her up;
        asks, “Who answered your phone?”

38:20 In Park with Ellen-- “You've got to start loving yourself.”

40:10 In the Store Flashback-- meets Jeff Fisher, radio personality

42:30  Talk of the Town-- guest stars with Jeff Fisher; humiliates a caller by calling him a homosexual

45:10 His Own Show-- mentions Cheryl Ann episode; “Fuck our marriage”

49:30 Ellen Finds Barry With Another Girl-- when she comes home from visiting her mother; Barry has had a party; Ellen
          leaves him

51:10 Present Day-- Barry is back in the studio; talks to Dietz who reports that the show won't be going national for a while

53:00 Not Going National-- tells audience; callers include a caller who asks about the Holocaust

56:00 Great Theory of History-- Do something, don't just blame

58:00 Who's Dead-- asks caller Kent, confesses that he made the story up; asks to come to the studio

1:05:00  Invites Kent-- Barry tells Laura to get Kent down to the studio, despite Dietz’s warning not to; callers include
            wife-and-children- beater Joe, who threatens to kill Barry

1:12:30   Kent Arrives-- and he is laughing and starts talking about the star revolutions, and the future belongs to fascism;
            callers include: the lady who loves the show, the person who asks Barry if he is as ugly as he sounds

1:20:00   Fan Mail-- Ralph calls; Barry opens hate letter with picture of his face all bloody

1:23:20   Camera-- Kent becomes rowdy and is removed from the studio; sneaks a picture of Barry before he exits

1:23:40   “Cheryl  Ann” Calls-- and admits that she still has feelings for her ex-husband and that she wants him back; it is
            Ellen and Barry tells her that he doesn't want her; “We reap what we sow”

1:28:30   “Those Who Turned Away Will Be Turned Upon”-- Theresa threatens Barry

1:29:50  Hypocrite--  Barry tells society about its faults; tells it that he despises it; hangs up on all the callers
Click here for a VIDEO CLIP of this scene

1:35:30   Barry In Silence-- then the music comes on

1:36:30  Good Job Barry-- complimented by Dietz and admits that he is wary about going national; Barry asks “What if I
            don't come in tomorrow night?”

1:39:00   Barry and Laura Leave-- As Barry walks away, he is shot

1:41:00  Closing Scene-- Members of the audience call in and comment on Barry's death