original art work by Erica Golle, '02
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Following are links to pages on five Oliver Stone films.  On each site you will find a time log, reviews, comparison films, selected monologues, links to websites, and summaries of critical articles.

 Born on the 4th of July

 The Doors



 Talk Radio

 Wall Street

A project by Lehigh University students in a College of Arts and Sciences Seminar, Spring 1999

Charlene Aquilina---Elisabeth Austin-Page---Natalie
Denisenko---Eileen Epstein---Erica Golle---Emily
Hymowitz---Shawn Kirschner---Sanda Lukic---Karen
McGee---Erin Munley---Robyn Roditi---Adriana
Santmaria---Danielle Wolfe---Valerie Wolt

Co-teachers: Prof Edward J. Gallagher, Illana Sroka
Instructional Technology Specialist: Johanna S.  Brams