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0:00   The Arrival in Vietnam
          New troops arrive in Vietnam.  The new troops encounter the old troops and words 
                  are exchanged.  The new troops see the dead body bags.

2:35   The Journey Through the Jungle
The platoon is traveling through the jungle.  There are many snakes.  The soldiers 
       get caught up in the forest, and they encounter many dead and rotting 
       corpses.  Taylor gets sick and throws up.  Gardiner gets made fun of by fellow 

8:30   First Letter to Grandma
Helicopter with supplies arrives.  First encounter with King and Junior.  Taylor’s 
       first letter to Grandma: it is a description of Vietnam and it expresses his 
       exhaustion and fear.  It also admits his mistake in coming to Vietnam.

11:15 Strategy Meeting
Strategy meeting between Barnes, Elias, and Wolfe.  Elias admits his squad is 
       inexperienced and unready for the ambush.  First reference to Elias as 
       Jesus Christ.  Apparent tension between Barnes and Wolfe.

13:00 Preparations for Ambush
Squad gets ready for ambush.  Gardiner and Taylor discuss family lives, including 
       Gardiner’s love for his girlfriend.

14:30 Second Letter to Grandma
Taylor’s second letter home to Grandma.  It describes his desire to be in the war, 
                states how there is no love within the platoon, and how nobody cares about 
                one another like it was in the previous wars that his family 
       members were in.

18:30 First War Scenes in Vietnam
Taylor notices the Vietnamese hiding in the bushes.  The first gunshots of war.  Taylor shows fear and ends up getting wounded.  Barnes proves how tough he 
       really is.  Gardiner gets wounded and dies.

26:00 Discussion of Taylor’s Background
Taylor returns from rehabilitation.  Taylor and King clean latrines, and there is 
       discussion of Taylor’s background and his reasons for coming to war.  King is 
       shocked at the fact that Taylor volunteered for the war instead of staying in 

30:00 The “heads”-- Elias’ Group
Taylor goes down to the underworld.  He is first introduced to marijuana.  He 
       bonds with the rest of the platoon.  They use the gun (which is a sign of war) to 
       smoke out of (a sign of pleasure).

32:00 The “juicers”--Barnes’ Group
In the barracks with Barnes’ group-- the drinkers.  Wolfe comes in and is obviously 
       out of place.  They are the violent part of the platoon.

36:00 Enemy Camp
          Talking over scenes; Barnes and Elias find bunkers; Sal and Sandy set off booby 
                 trap; Manny disappears, found murdered.

44:00 The Village
          “Sick of this shit” talking over scenes; Barnes kills villager running away; soldiers 
                 angry, taking it out on villagers.

48:00 Dance
          Taylor makes one-legged man dance.

49:00 Revenge for Manny, Sal, and Sandy
          Soldier bashes one-legged man’s head in.

52:00 Barnes Kills Woman Villager
In front of the whole village Barnes kills a woman because she won’t stop yelling.        The husband and daughter of the woman watch in horror. 

53:00 Execution
          “Lets do the whole fuckin’ village”; Barnes holds gun to child’s head, Elias stops 

54:00 The Fight
          Barnes and Elias fight.

58:00 Burning the Village
          Burning the village down; Taylor stops soldiers from raping two villagers; Barnes, 
                 Elias, and captain talk about court martial.

59:00 Black Soldiers Talk
          Divided between Barnes and Elias; “hurting inside.”

1:00  Court Martial
         Barnes, Wolf, and O’Neil think there won’t be court martial.

1:01   Stars
          Elias and Taylor talk under stars; Elias doesn’t believe in what he’s doing
                  anymore; thinks US is going to lose the war.

1:02  Talk over Scenes
        Taylor thinks troops are fighting each other, low morale, does not know the 
                  difference between right and wrong anymore.

1:04  Ambush
         Troops split up.

1:10  Elias is Dead
         Elias alone, Barnes follows and shoots him; tells Taylor he’s dead.

1:17  Helicopter takes off
         Taylor sees Elias isn’t dead, running after the helicopter; killed by enemy troops.

1:20  Barnes and Taylor fight in the Underworld
The men discuss Elias’ death in the underworld.  Taylor says Barnes is a murderer.  “Barnes was shot seven times and he’s still alive, he wasn’t meant to die.”  Barnes 
         says that Elias was full of shit.  Barnes says, “Kill me”; he says he shits on all 
         of them.  Taylor flips out.  Barnes doesn’t kill Taylor; he cuts his face.

1:26  Return to Fighting
Taylor says it was like returning to the scene of a crime.  Taylor has another self-
         monologue.  Taylor and King talk about making it out of the war. King leaves 
         on a helicopter.  King tells Taylor not to be a fool.

1:32  Before the Battle
Junior says there is something wrong with his foot.  Barnes scares him by saying he 
         is going to put a centipede in his crotch.  Junior says he will walk.  Red wants 
         to leave.  Barnes says no because everybody has to die sometime.  Bunny 
         mouths off to Junior.

1:36  Battle Begins
Trying to adjust fire.  No response on the phone; they are in trouble.  Shots are 
         fired.  Rodriguez’s hole gets nailed.  Blow away anything, stay in holes.  They say there is no chance; the enemy is everywhere.

1:41  Taylor goes crazy
Taylor shoots at everything.  They leave the hole and Taylor physically beats a man 
         out of his frustration. 
They send for backup.

1:46  Barnes vs Taylor
Barnes and Taylor are face to face.  Barnes raises a shovel over Taylor to kill him, 
         but a plane bombs from above, stopping him.  The next morning Taylor finds 
         Barnes seeking for help and shoots Barnes.

1:51  Evacuation
Bodies thrown in a burial pit.  A truck pushes all the bodies together.  Junior stabs 
         himself so he can get out of the war.  O’Neill gets reassigned to the Second 

1:53  Departure
Taylor and other wounded soldiers get flown out of the area. Taylor has another 
         speech.“I think now looking back we did not fight the enemy, we fought 
         ourselves and the enemy was in us…  The war is over for me now, but it will 
         always be there the rest of my days.”