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Time Log of Scenes
(This portion of the site documents each scene in the movie)

00:00--  Opens with Jim recording poetry over a microphone

02:00--  New Mexico, 1949-- Jim is a child driving in the car with his parents; they witness an accident in the desert with a dead Indian; his mother tells him not to worry “It's just a dream, Jimmy”

04:00--  Jim is hitchhiking

04:20--  Venice Beach, 1965-- Jim spots Pam and is intrigued by her…he follows her

05:30--  Pam's house-- Jim and Pam meet on her balcony; he tells her she is “the one”; first kiss

07:30--  Film school at UCLA; Jim's amateur film is shown to the class; many people in the class see it as disgusting and walk out-- Jim is enraged and quits

09:30--  Jim beckons Pam out of her bed for a walk; they walk along the streets and frolic on the beach.  She reads his poetry aloud on the rooftop.  They discuss life, death, and the universe as one.  Jim tells Pam the poems were written for her.

14:05--  On the beach, Jim and Ray are reuniting.  Jim tells Ray that he has been writing poetry and songs, but he doesn't want to sing for Ray.  Finally he is persuaded, and Ray is amazed.  “Things are about to explode”, Ray says.   They decide on the name “The Doors” for the group for the doors of perception-- a reference to acid.
17:30--  Band rehearsal--  Robby introduces his song “Light My Fire."  They all contribute to the song and it is a success.

21:15--  First on-stage performance is at The Sunset Strip Club; Jim starts his performance with his back to the audience.  He is asked by many for his autograph; they are approached by a manager (Larry), who then pulls Jim aside and tells him that he is the only one with real talent and that he should leave the group.

25:20--  Jim is drugged up on peyote and tries to convince the others to try it as well; he makes a spectacle in the street outside the Whiskey a Go-Go.

26:40--  Band is walking in the desert; Pam throws up from the drugs; Jim is reciting poetry and hallucinating about snakes.

28:40--  Each band member experiences different responses to the peyote; they become closer to each other and begin to divulge intimate things.  They vow to always be together and to “Ride the Snake."

30:20--  Death figure on the horse appears; Jim admits to being afraid, and he wanders away.

31:40--  Jim follows an Indian figure into a cave; he spots a mountain cougar and a snake and has a flashback to the desert accident.

33:15--  Second stage performance at the Whiskey a Go-Go, 1966-- “Ride the Snake”; audience is mesmerized by the performance.

36:40--  Lyrics to the song "Speak of a Man in Boots", “killing his father and fucking his mother”; Jim flips out and is received with mixed emotions from the audience; the owner threatens and assaults Jim for the dirty lyrics; Elektra Records offers them a record deal.

40:20--  At the recording studio; they make an album in six days.

41:00--  San Francisco clips, 1967--  Demonstrations and flower children.

42:30--  Fans swarm the band; introduction of the band for the camera.

43:30--  Sullivan show in New York (1967) – Back stage
The whole band is the backstage preparing for the show. Mr.Sullivan introduces himself to the band.  Since the concert is about to be shown live on national TV, one of the TV promoters points out that the lyrics containing the word “higher” in the
song "Light My Fire" is inappropriate for the TV and requests change in the lyrics.
45:00--  Sullivan show - On stage
The band opens the concert with "Light My Fire."  Jim sings the original lyrics, emphasizing the word “higher."

47:30--  Photo shooting session
Photo shoot of Jim in various positions and outfits. Jim appears to be very self- confident when posing for the camera. The photographer builds up his ego, tells him how the audience adores him, and how he, and only he, represents "The Doors".

50:00--  Andy Warhol’s party
Party of a movie maker Andy Warhol. All the members of the band are present. Pam is there too.  Jim is being introduced to various people. Ray wants them to leave the party since it seems to be very superficial. Provocative Nico approaches Jim and flirts with him. Jim is drunk and drugged and doesn't want to leave the party. All of his band mates decide to go. Jim stays.

53: 30--  Meeting with Andy Warhol
Jim meets Mr.Warhol. Warhol talks about making a movie with Jim as a main star.

56: 00--  Carousing with Nico
Both Jim and Nico are drunk. They are fooling around on the streets together with some other people from the party. They end up in a hotel. Pam searches for Jim and finds him in the elevator making out with Nico.

58:00--  News conference
The band is being interviewed for the British National Press. Reporters ask Jim different questions about his life and music. He talks about drugs. Then he talks about his parents and how they died.

1:00:30--  Patricia and witchcraft
Jim and Patricia do cocaine toghether and then make love. Jim finds a book about witchcraft and Patricia starts talking about it. As part of a witchcraft ritual Patricia cuts herself first and drinks her own blood. Then she makes Jim do the same.

1:04:50--  With Pam in bedroom
After making love Jim and Pam are talking to each other. They have an argument. Jim asks Pam if she would die for him. She says: “No!” Jim becomes hysterical, gets out the window and hangs on it until Pam says that she would die for him. Jim calms down, and they hug.

1:08:30--  Concert in New Haven (1968) – Back stage
Concert is about to begin. Jim is backstage talking to Patricia. She tells him that she tracked down his school records and that she knows about his family history and the fact that his parents are alive. Policeman approaches them, pushes Jim away and sprays the mace in both Jim's and Patricia’s eyes.

1:12:30--  On stage in New Haven
The concert has begun. Jim tells audience the story of what has happened in the backstage using irony and sarcasm.

1:16:50--   Jim's arrest
Police come up on the stage, stop the show and arrest Jim for using offensive language against the authority.

1:18--   Reading poetry alone
Jim is sitting alone on the stage with a microphone saying his poetry out loud.

1:19:50--  With the guys in the bar
Jim is in the bar drinking with the rest of the band.

1:21--  On the way to the Thanksgiving dinner
Jim and Pam are walking back home with their shopping bags. They are having people over that day for the Thanksgiving dinner. Pam finds out that Jim took acid despite their deal that they'll do it together and only after the dinner. Jim sings to Pam.

1:23--  Thanksgiving dinner
Everything is ready for the dinner and many people have already arrived. Pam is sitting on the floor reading poetry. Patricia arrives. Jim introduces Patricia to Pam. This creates a tense, unpleasant atmosphere. As a result of a bad trip, Pam has a nervous breakdown. She starts throwing the food on Jim. The two of them have an argument. She grabs a knife. Their friends get involved trying to calm the situation, but the argument only gets worse. All of the guests leave disappointed and disgusted. Pam and Jim, when left alone, finally calm down.

1:29.00-- San Francisco, 1968
This scene flashes back and forth from Morrison singing on stage to a violent episode with Pam.  Morrison walks into a room where his girlfriend is shooting heroine with another man; he becomes angry and throws her into a closest, which he sets on fire.  The scene ends with her breaking out of the closet.

1:32.00--  In the beginning of the scene Morrison and friends are in a high- speed car, which hits a cop car.  Next, the scene flashes between Morrison on stage and a type of wedding ceremony.  During the ceremony, Morrison and a woman are being bonded together by a blood ritual.  The scene then flashes to Morrison on stage.  His dancing begins to resemble that of the Native American Indians.  Finally, images of ancient Indians appear and the concert turns into a Pow- Wow.

1:36.00--  Morrison is walking down a vacant street.  Scene shifts to him recording songs.  He becomes enraged and yells and his band members and producers.  He says, “rock and roll is dead," and that his band members have lost the original purpose of their music.  He says that they have become slaves of a money- based society, and that they no longer use the music to break cultural barriers.

1:41.00--  Morrison and Pam are in the recording booth.  The scene focuses on the aloneness of both individuals.

1: 43.00-- Miami, 1969
The scene begins with a foreshadowing of Morrison’s death.  Next, the scene shifts to a sold- out concert, which Morrison is late to.

1:50.00-- Morrison is on a plane heading towards his concert in Miami.  Morrison is two hours late for the concert.  When he arrives he wants his band members to get high with him.  During the concert Morrison is out of control and ends up getting arrested.  The stage falls because all the fans climb on it.  Morrison ends up singing in the crowd.

1:57.00-- Dade County Courthouse, 1970
Morrison is being tried for his actions during the Miami concert.

1:58.40-- Morrison is in Patricia’s house.  She is pregnant.  Morrison does not want the baby.  Flashes back to the courthouse where he gets charged with six months in jail but stays out of jail on an appeal.  Everybody starts to cancel on The Doors' concerts.

2:02.00-- Chateau Marmont Hotel, Los Angeles, 1970
Morrison is drunk, outside on the ledge of a hotel.  Pam goes out to save him.  He alludes to dying with a smile on his face.

2:08.00-- Morrison is at Rays daughter's birthday party.  He tells his band members that he is going to Paris to write a book.  During the party he passes out after seeing a boy that looked like he did as a child.

2:08.40--  Morrison is recording at a studio.

2:09.40-- Paris, 1971
Pam finds Morrison dead in a bathtub.  He has a smile on his face.  Once again he looks young and content.

2:12.00-- Credits- Morrison’s grave is shown.