Oliver Stone's WALL STREET


Time Log



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0:00 Opening Scene of Rush Hour in New York City
2:31 Bud Fox’s Typical Day at the Office
        Bud Fox enters the office
        Stock market opens
        Craziness in the office begins
        Fox on the phone trying to get clients
        Fox’s boss handles client’s complaint, 
             threatens Fox that Fox will have to cover
             the client’s losses if the client can’t pay
        Fox’s friend Marv gives him $20
        Fox calls Gekko’s office, as per his daily
        Gekko’s secretary refuses to let Fox talk to

8:52 First Talk with Father and Gets the Tip on Blue Star Airlines
        Owl Tavern with father and Blue Star Airline employees/friends
        Union workers sitting around discussing work and problems
         Revival of an old argument with Fox’s father over what Fox does for a living
         Fox borrows another $300 from his father
         Fox’s father tells him that Blue Star Airlines had a favorable ruling on a lawsuit
         Blue Star Airlines plans to compete in the “big market” now

13:13 Fox’s Window of Opportunity to Get to Gekko
          Fox can’t sleep; a girl leaves from his bed; Fox turns on computer and finds out it is Gekko’s

13:57 Fox’s First Visit to Gekko’s Office
          Fox arrives at Gekko’s office with Cuban Cigars and waits a long time to see Gekko
          Fox finally enters Gekko’s office

16:15 Inside Gekko's Office
          Gekko is yelling at another broker on the phone
          Gekko finally acknowledges Fox
          Fox tells Gekko he wants to “be a player”
          Fox tells Gekko about Blue Star Airline’s favorable outcome in recent lawsuit
          Fox gives Gekko his card and leaves the office

21:00 Fox’s Return to Work Anticipating a Call from Gekko
          Fox returns to his office where Marv consoles him and his boss yells at him for showing up 3 hours
               late to work
         Gekko calls Fox and tells him to buy Blue Star Airline shares

23:35 Lunch Meeting with Gekko
          Fox meets Gekko for lunch at Tavern on the Green
         Gekko gives Fox a check to put into his account
         Gekko talks of insider trading; Fox is confused

26:09  Fox’s First “Perk”
           Fox working at his computer when Lisa, who is sent by Gekko, knocks on Fox’s door
           Fox and Lisa go out and snort cocaine in the limo
           Fox and Lisa proceed to have intimate relations

28:40 Stock Falls
          Fox enters his office for the next workday
          As the market closes Gekko’s office is looking for Fox because a stock has fallen

30:14 Fox and Gekko at Racquetball Club
          Gekko and Fox are playing racquetball at Gekko’s prestigious club
          Gekko gives Fox a speech about success in locker room, explains how he only bets on sure things
               and how every battle is won before it is fought

33:17 Limo Ride: “How to Be A Player”
          Gekko and Fox are riding in the limo, and Gekko discloses how he “plays the game”
          Gekko tells Fox to follow his key competitor, Larry Wildman, to see what he is investing in
               Fox gets out of limo and agrees to participate in insider trading

37:49 Fox Begins Tailing Wildman
          Fox begins to follow Wildman, follows him to airport and finds out he is going to Erie,
               Pennsylvania to look at Annacot  Steel.
         Fox tells Gekko this information

40:37 Buy Annacot Steel
          Fox starts accumulating stock for Gekko in Annacot Steel and tells everyone around the office

42:18 Fox’s First Warning
          Lou, Fox’s superior, says to watch what he is doing, and explains how there are no shortcuts
               in this profession
43:54 Party at Gekko’s and Visit from Larry Wildman
          Fox arrives at Gekko’s house with papers for Gekko to sign; Gekko is having a party 
                and introduces Fox to many wealthy people
          Larry Wildman calls Gekko and wants to talk to him immediately
          Fox and Darien (one of Gekko’s “close” friends”) talk about expensive decorating taste
          Fox asks Darien to dinner, and she says to call her next week
          Larry Wildman arrives, Gekko asks Fox to stay for the meeting all go to a private room
          Wildman complains about Gekko’s interest in Annacot Steel and tells him to stay away
          Gekko finally agrees to sell his shares of Annacot Steel

53:40 Fox’s Wake-Up Call
          Gekko wakes Fox up to tell him he is going to make him rich and that he should get to work

54:20 Fox Uses his Connections to Find Out Confidential Information
          Fox goes to see Barnes, a lawyer whom he knew from college, to find out inside information about
               the law firm’s clients
          Barnes hesitates at first
          Fox joins the law firm’s cleaning service so that he can photocopy the firm’s confidential files.

58:44 Fox and Darien have lunch

59:36 Fox’s Second Visit with his Father
          Fox visits his father at the Blue Star Airline’s hanger and finds out that the airline is going to layoff a
               lot of workers
          Fox pays his father back in full plus more

1:01:27  Fox Signs Contract with Gekko’s Attorney
              Fox spends a weekend with Gekko and signs for the right of power of attorney
              Fox must agree that he will not give Gekko’s name should the Stock Watch investigate any
                   trading activities

1:03:25  Darien and Fox on the Beach
              Darien and Fox on the beach discussing Fox’s meeting with Gekko
              Darien says how she wants the best of everything

1:04:52  Fox is Moving Up in his Job and Lifestyle
              Fox’s boss fires a senior trader and gives Fox his own office
              Lou warns Fox again about staying clean
              Fox decides to buy an apartment on the Upper East Side for $950,000
              Darien decorates

1:09:30  Fox and Darien Share Dinner and Dreams
              Darien and Fox prepare dinner and discuss how it is so perfect
              Darien and Fox spend the night
              In the middle of the night Fox stands on his balcony and questions what he has become

1:12:04  Gekko and Darien Discuss Fox
              Gekko tells Darien that they are the same and warns her about falling for Fox too fast because
                    he hasn’t “been around the block yet”

1:13:27  Fox Screams at Marv in his Office
              Shows how money disrupts friendships

1:14:18  Teldar Stock Abruptly Starts to Rise; Stock Watch Takes Note
               Teldar’s stock rises very quickly and the Stock Watch begins to monitor the company
                    for illegal activity

1:14:30  Gekko Speaks at Teldar Meeting
               Teldar stockholder’s meeting; Gekko speaks against the company’s management, says that the
                    U.S. is not number one anymore and that greed is good; explains that greed with save both
                    Teldar and the U.S.

1:18:54 Darien and Fox in Apartment
              Fox refuses to sleep explaining he must continue to work to be the best

1:19:40  Gekko Starts to Build up Blue Star Airline Stock and Announces
               Fox trying to persuade Gekko to buy Blue Star and turn it around
               Fox explains that he understands the inside of the company and he has connections and Gekko
                    promises to look into it

1:23:00  Gekko and Fox Have Informal Meeting with Blue Star Union Representatives
               Fox, Gekko, heads of airline union, and Fox’s father meet for an “informal” meeting about
                    restructuring Blue Star Airlines
               Fox’s father storms out, says he won’t support the deal

1:28:04  Meaning of Success
               Fox and his father fight about success and which one of them has a more meaningful life, father
                    walks away

1:30:29  Stock Watch has its Suspicions
              Stock Watch worker brings Teldar suspicions to his boss
              Fox’s lawyer friend, Barnes, refuses to do anymore business with Fox because he is questioned
                     about his role in the trading of Teldar stock

1:32:20  Fox (By Mistake) Finds Out Gekko’s True Intentions for Blue Star Airlines
               Fox goes to Blue Star Management meeting with Barnes and finds out Gekko is
                     going to destroy the company for profit

1:34:00  Fox Visits Gekko
               Fox goes to Gekko’s office very angry and confronts him
              Gekko explains that its just business and making money and that businesses really run the
                    country and the world, not governments
              When Fox leaves Gekko tells Ollie, one of his staff, to yell at Blue Star for letting Fox
                     find out about the deal

1:39:00  Fox and Darien have an Argument
              Darien and Fox have an argument and Darien tries to persuade Fox to stay with Gekko
              Darien refuses to be with Fox if Gekko is out, and she leaves

1:42:39  Fox’s Father has a Heart Attack, and Fox Searches Himself to do the Right Thing
              Fox finds out his father had a second heart attck and goes to see him in the hospital
              Fox tells his father he plans to save the airline
1:44:45  Fox Meets with Blue Star Union Heads
              Fox reveals Gekko’s real plan to the two other union heads

1:45:25  Fox Goes to Wildman with Proposal
               Fox asks Wildman to buy Blue Star and not take it apart
               Wildman agrees and the stock begins to fluctuate

1:48:00  Fox defeats Gekko
              Gekko sells all his shares of Blue Star because he begins to lose millions of dollars
              Gekko is furious to find out the Wildman bought all of Blue Star and realizes Fox helped

1:53:04  Fox is Arrested
              Fox goes into his office, and Lou talks to Fox one last time about playing fair
              Stock Watch has Fox arrested, and Fox leaves the office in tears

1:55:57  Fox is Bugged by Police and has Incriminating Conversation with Gekko
              Fox meets Gekko in Central Park in the rain, and Gekko explains that he knows Fox helped
                   Wildman with the Blue Star deal
              Gekko hits Fox and yells at Fox because he feels Fox should be indebted to him for teaching
                    him how to be a player
              In this conversation Gekko admits how he participated in insider trading
              Gekko tells Fox that he could have been one of the best
              Fox goes into the bathroom of a nearby restaurant where the police are waiting to get the
                   information on Gekko from the tape attached to Fox during his conversation with Gekko

2:01:59  Fox Goes to Court
              Fox is driven by his father and mother to court and says that he knows he is going to jail
              The father says maybe Fox deserves what he gets and how in the future Fox should be
                   a creator and not buy and sell.

2:02: 20  Fox Ascends the Courthouse Steps
               Fox walks up the steps to the courthouse

2:06:00  Ending
              Camera pans the New York skyline