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The following are a list of web sites that would be helpful to look for more information that is relevant to the topics that are addressed by Oliver Stone in the movie Born on the Fourth of July.  Preceding each section of web sites is a brief description of what you will find in each of them, as well as what they would be instrumental in researching.

    Vietnam War History Page

    This page is a link to resources from all perspectives on the Vietnam Conflicts 1945-1975. It is hoped that it will be useful to students in seeing the Conflict from various points of view. The page will attempt to link to all pertinent sites that house information on the war. State Dartment documents, memoirs, articles, Vietnamese literature, and other information useful to history students and scholars.

    Investigating the Vietnam War

The main objective of this Spartacus Educational website is to help students to carry out research into the Vietnam War.  The Vietnam War Research section includes a series of possible investigations. It is hoped that people will use the email facility to submit project ideas and websites that could be added to this list. The places where you can obtain information about the Vietnam War on the Internet have been organized into the following categories: Background Information, Historical Narratives, Time-Lines, Personal Accounts of the War, War Statistics, Military Information, Visual Images, Events and Issues, Vietnam Veteran's Resident Historian, Vietnam War Interview Area, Biographies, Further Research, Search Engines.

University of Texas Vietnam Archive

This site is a photographic history of the Vietnam war with captions to guide the viewer through the events. Shows different scenes of Vietnam including prisoners of war, battle scenes and the wounded.  Gives a feel for what the war was actually like.  Gives other links to find Vietnam War information.
Vietnam--The Major Events

This website gives a good chronological outline of the events leading up to and through the Vietnam War.  It also provides important graphs on statistics about the war, such as  fatality rates and troop numbers at different points of the war.  This site also leads to other important and useful Vietnam War sites.
Remembering Vietnam

This site takes a look at the Vietnam Memorial Wall.   It displays various pictures of the wall and is accompanied by various poems about The Wall.  This sentimental site is brought to recognize those soldiers that gave up the war for their country.  These poems, are of personal loses and understanding of the war.   This is definitely a memorial site for those that canít be in Washington to see the actual memorial site.