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                           This is a list of a few scholarly articles that exist on the movie, Born on the Fourth of July.  They address the different aspects of the movie, which are summarized and follow the information about where these articles can be found.
“Born on The Fourth of July” Wakeup Cinema.  Frank Beaver.  New York: 
Twayne  Publisher, 1994. 127-143.

       For the Born on the Fourth of July, Stone took a different approach than to his war film Platoon.  For this war film, he depicts a true story of a man that deals mostly and greatly with the aftermath of returning home from Vietnam.  Stone’s autobiographical movie of Ron Kovic displays what Kovic went through, returning home as a paraplegic.  Not only does he deal with adjusting to his new lifestyle but he also adjusts to how the country is seeing him.  The country does not see him as a soldier who fought bravely in the war but as a human robbed from life because of his involvement in the war.  Stone vividly displays how Kovic felt on his return from Vietnam.  Once he believed he was fighting for a good cause and the myth that the “ United States had never lost the war.  Now he realized that his country did not support him as he though they did.  He didn’t achieve what he wanted and that led him to his depression and suffering.  Stone did not want to depict the horrors of war from the perspective of the issue that a soldier dealt within his post-traumatic war stress.  With the help of Ron Kovic’s autobiography, Stone had the opportunity to display it well.