Scene Analyses

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0:08:00  The Eve of the Journey

"Mighty White of Him: Beresford's Attempt to Equalize the French and
    Algonquins" by Bob Kilker  (see film clip 1)  (see film clip 2)
0:23:22  First Contact -- Daniel and Annuka Embrace
"Encountering the 'Other' by Megan Snyder
0:38:51  Laforgue, Lost in the Woods
"Father Laforgue at Home in the Wilderness of the New World" by Daniel
   Spangler  (see film clip)
0:42:22  Laforgue's Confession and Conflict with Daniel
"The Moral Implications of Daniel" by Timothy Guida
1:09:27  Annuka Helps Everyone Escape
"Annuka Crawls Out of Her Shell" by Lauren Eisner
1:21:12  Chomina Dies
"Chomina Shows Respect" by Jaime Miller