With their fathers dead, these Girardville children are considered orphans,
as their mothers can not support them.

Studio:  Paramount
Director:  Martin Ritt
Screenwriter:  Walter Bernstein
Producers:  Martin Ritt, Walter Bernstein
Director of Photography:  James Wong Howe
Art Director:  Tambi Larsen
Editor:  Frank Bracht
Cast:  Sean Connery (Jack Kehoe)
          Richard Harris (James McParlan/McKenna)
          Samantha Eggar (Mary Raines)
          Frank Finlay  (Davies)
          Anthony Zerbe (Dougherty)
          Bethel Leslie (Mrs. Kehoe)
          Art Lund (Frazier)
          Philip Bourneuf (Father O'Connor)
          Anthony Costello (Frank McAndrew)
          Brendan Dillon (Mr. Raines)
          Frances Heflin  (Mrs. Frazier)
          John Alderson (Jenkins)
          Malachy McCourt (Bartender)
         Susan Goodman (Mrs. McAndrew)

Color, 123 minutes.

Copyright (c) 1999 by Peter A. Weisman, Undergraduate at Lehigh University.

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