Studio:  Producciones Iguana  and Television Espanola
Director:  Nicolas Echevarria
Screenwriters:  Nicolas Echevarria, Guillermo Sheridan
Story:  Based on the book Naufragios by Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca
Producers:  Rafael Cruz, Arthur Gorson, Bertha Navarro, Julio Solorzano Foppa, Jorge Sanchez
Director of Photography:  Guillermo Navarro
Editor:  Rafael Castanedo
Production Designer:  Jose Luis Aguilar
Music:  Mario Lavista
Cast:  Juan Diego (Alvar Nunez Cabeza de Vaca)
           Daniel Gimenez Cacho (Dorantes)
           Roberto Sosa (Cascabel / Araino)
           Carlos Castanon (Castillo)
           Gerardo Villareal (Estebanico)
           Roberto Cobo (Lozoya)

Color, 111 minutes.

Awards:  Nominated, 1991,Golden Berlin Bear, best director (Echevarria)
               Won, Dicine, 1991, best director (Echevarria)

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