ROMERO (1989)

Romero tells the story of martyred El Salvadoran archbishop Oscar Romero.  The Catholic hierarchy appoints the quiet and devout Romero archbishop in 1977 with the assumption that he will not question the practices of the Salvadoran government.  As Romero begins to see the violence and duplicity of the government’s ways, he gains resolve to speak out against the atrocities that are being carried out against the people of his country.  The killing of his fellow priests makes him call out for an end to violence.  In the end he pays for following his conscience with his life when the right-wing government assassinates him.  Raul Julia gives a convincing performance as a meek man who becomes strong in a land where the government is trying to conceal its oppressive ways to the masses.  This film shows a part of Central American history few Americans cared about in a time when our government lent financial and military support to the military forces against which Romero struggled. 

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