ROMERO (1989)


Studio: Paulist Pictures
Director:  John Duigan
Screenplay:  John Sacret Young
Producers:  Lawrence Mortorff, John Sacret Young
Director of Photography:  Geoff Burton
Editor:  Frans Vandenburg
Production Designer:  Roger Ford
Cast:  Raul Julia (Archbishop Oscar Romero)
          Richard Jordan (Father Rutilio Grande)
          Ana Alicia (Arista Zelada)
          Eddie Velez (Lieutenant Columa)
          Alejandro Bracho (Father Alfonzo Osuna)
          Tony Plana (Father Manuel Morantes)
          Harold Gould (Francisco Galedo)
          Lucy Reina (Lucia)
          Al Ruscio (Bishop Estrada)
          Robert Viharo (Colonel Ernesto Dorio)

Color, 102 Minutes.

Copyright (c) 1999 by Nathan Henry Laver, Undergraduate at Lehigh University.

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