Key Passages

-- approximate times given are marked from the beginning of the film not the video tape --

The Opening Script
In Presenting this picture it has been the aim to show  conditions as they actually existed in early America -- pre-revolutionary days when in order to sustain his own life, a man had to fight for it.

Daniel Boone was the outstanding figure of the early pioneer period and his life too adventurous to show in its entirety -- the incidents portrayed here are centered around the time of his moving to Kentucky.

0:04:22 Impressionable Natives
Titles:  The Indians were never so cruel as when led by a renegade white.

0:12:24 The Worth of a White Man
Daniel Boone:  I’ll spare you because you’re white, Gerty.

0:29:22 What a Nice Guy
Rebe:  Such bravery is sure to be rewarded.
Boone:  Savin’ you is a reward itself.

1:00:32 Rebe’s Prayer Answered
Rebe's prayer:  “-And lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil--.”

1:04:56 Retribution
Chief Grey Eagle:  A life for a life.

1:19:27 Natives Quoting Scripture?
Chief Grey Eagle:  As man liveth, so shall he die.

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