This is an obscure film and may be hard to locate.  As of  May 2000, it is available from:

Grapevine Video                         Video Yesteryear
602-973-3661                            203-744-2476
http://grapevinevideo.com          http://www.videoyesteryear.com/
jbhardy@grapevinevideo.com   video@yesteryear.com

Studio:  Sunset Productions © 1989 Video Yesteryear
Director:  Robert North Bradbury
Producer:  Anthony J. Xydias
Director of Photography:  J. S. Brown
Titles by:  Ben Allah
Editor:  Della M. King
Musical Score:  Performed by Rosa Rio at the Hammond Organ © 1989 Video
Cast:  Roy Stewart (Daniel Boone)
          Frank Rice (Hank Vaughan)
          Jay Morley (Simon Gerty)
          Tom Lingham (Otis Bryan)
          Kathleen Collins (Rebe Bryan)
          Bob Bradbury, Jr. (Jim Bryan)
          James O’Neil (Chief Grey Eagle)
          Edward Hearne (Will Bryan)

Black and White, Silent, 81 minutes

Copyright © 2000 by Matt Sparks, Undergraduate at Lehigh University

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