Lehigh Women's Soccer

Friendships will last a lifetime when adversity has been overcome together.
They have become my friends, my confidants, people that will be in my life forever.
The soccer field was our beginning, the bonds we share will become our end.
These women I call my everlasting friends.

Desire, courage, strength and passion,
these emotions are exposed in an uncanny fashion.
On and off the field they show,
An amazing ability to feel the flow,
Of each of their teammates, happy or sad,
The joy and the wonder that all of us have had.

All that we've been through, all that we share,
Is all that we need to reinforce that we care.
Loyalty, through laughter and tears,
Enables us, individually, to battle our fears.
From Lafayette to Holy Cross,
We've grown, we've matured, we've shown we can overcome a loss.

Intensity, hard work, aggression and heart,
We put it all on the line from the start.
This team never gives up and never lets down,
So when we step onto the field you know we'll stand our ground.
The sacrifices we've made and the friendships we've found,
Are a promise and a joy that will always keep us bound...